Bedding* (sleeping bags, pillows & rugs, or sheets, duvets & blankets – it’s up to you)

*We provide the sort of camping mats that you see carried at the bottom of a traveller’s backpack, which are fine for younger children and hardy adults; but like us most of you seem to opt for a bit more comfort, so bring your own airbed (footpump only) or old futon to use as well. If you have a small baby or toddler, travel cots work well in the larger tipis, so do bring one with you. 

  • Towels (for tipi & beach, also hand and tea)
  • Groceries - don’t forget we’ve got our own on site café serving breakfast, lunch & lovely home made cakes for all the family
  • Ice packs (you will be able to re-freeze your own ice packs in the big freezer in our reception area)
  • Torch(es), candles/nightlights etc.
  • Matches/lighters for campfires etc.
  • Surfboards, wetsuits, lifejackets, floats & swimming aids, fishing gear etc
  • Sunblock, hats, hot weather gear
  • Wellies (especially children’s), wet weather gear
  • Medicines & personal medical kit including treatment for any stings or burns as our warden is not allowed to offer such supplies from our site first aid boxes
  • Books, paints/pens, instruments, toys & games
  • Binoculars & Field Guides for birds,butterflies, flowers etc, telescope for stars at night!
  • Maps of Cornwall & surrounding area
  • Folding chairs if you want individual seats you can move around
  • Additional storage boxes/baskets for your food/belongings if you feel it necessary


Please see our FAQs page for information.