What’s your policy on cars?

Our aim is to keep use of vehicles to the absolute minimum. We ask that you walk throughout the site, except for unloading and loading at your tipi or pitch on arrival and departure, and park your car in the parking areas provided. The main car park is beside reception and the overflow car park is in the marquee meadow, but both areas are firmly on our property and away from the road.

In a place with few rules this is the one we ask you most strongly to respect. If you cannot bear to be parted from your car this may not be the holiday for you. We also request an absolute maximum of two cars per large tipi booking and need advance information of make, registration number etc.

Can we manage without a car?

Not very easily, see above.

The sad reality is that due to the lack of public transport, unless you are truly committed and wish to bike everywhere, a car remains the best way to enjoy the surrounding area. If you are part of a group/larger family booking we encourage you to car pool as much as possible.

How big are the tipis? Do they have partitions inside?

Our medium tipis are roughly 16 feet in diameter, and our large approx 18, our extra large 20-22 feet – very large indeed ! Tipis never have partitions of any sort – that’s part of their charm.

What are the facilities on site?

We have 2 shower/loo blocks at either end of the site, plus 1 showers only block.

Last season we put in composting loos dotted about the site with more to come this year. We know they’re not for everybody, so only use them if you fancy it – but they’re the real deal & lots of people get a kick out of using our Thunderboxes!

What’s provided inside the tipi?

Everything you should need bar your groceries and bedding. So you can see what’s there down to the last teaspoon, a full inventory is sent to you on completion of your booking.

So what do we need to bring?

As our bed mats are the basic 3/4’’ foam ones we recommend that adults/bigger children bring an old futon, airbed or similar bearing in mind that with no mains power only footpumps will work. Travel cots work brilliantly in the larger tipis, so do bring one if you need it. Our what to bring list should give you the rest.

What do we cook on?

Cooking is on a 2 ring/grill gaz cooker inside the tipi, with an outside fire complete with trivet which takes the pots/pans provided.

Is a tipi holiday suitable for very young children and/or babies?

Lots of people come to us with very young children; babies & toddlers love low level tipi living and frequently sleep far better than at home…

Can we bring our dog?

Sorry, no dogs of any sort (except seeing dogs). Anyone arriving with a dog will be asked to remove it immediately.

We do however have a friendly kennels nearby who will B&B your best friend for you, although with so many Cornish beaches & footpaths now not allowing dogs throughout the summer season you might find it easier if your pet stayed at home.

Can we drink the water?

We often get asked if the campsite water is suitable for drinking, and we explain we've all been drinking it for years with no ill effects. However the full lowdown is that mains water enters the site and is then piped around by our own delivery system (not by a mains delivery system) which means that it is not classified as mains water at the point of delivery ie the standpipes & basins. This means that some campers prefer to drink bottled water while staying with us, as many people now do even at home. It's up to you which you prefer.

Can I charge my phone/laptop?

We’re lucky enough to be off the National Grid which means you can’t use/recharge any electrical appliances on site. This may be about to change so please contact the office.

Can I use hairdryers etc in my tipi?

With no power on site your hairdryer won’t work, but the sun & wind should do the job.

What security is there on site? Can you lock a tipi?

We've got full time staff living on site who are on hand to help you throughout your stay & its only campers & staff about the place. With the nearest village a couple of miles away you’ll be in the heart of the countryside & its very secure. Having said that, tipis & most tents aren’t lockable units, so be on the safe side & leave your diamonds & Airbooks at home. We’ve never had a problem in 20 years & aim to keep it that way!

Can we have visitors/guests?

If you have friends/family in Cornwall who want to visit you during the day, you’re most welcome -as long as we know they’re coming. This of course alters if they want to spend the night, in which case you need to contact the office to make a booking in the usual way.

Can we put up a small tent alongside the tipi for extra stuff/friends/children to sleep in?

The only sort of tent that we allow next to a tipi is a baby sun shelter or younger children’s play tent. We do not allow extra tents for storage, teenagers, nannies, visitors etc – if you need more space by all means book an extra tipi!

Is there a shop on site?

Sorry no food shop or laundry on site due to our lack of electricity but there are village shops a couple of miles away in just about every direction or a little further to Wadebridge for bigger stores. Our staff & info at reception or in the tipis will tell you all about local produce, farm shops etc, & don’t forget we’ve got our own on site café serving breakfast, lunch & lovely home made cakes for all the family. We consider the whole site to be a playground for all ages.

Can I bring my own kayak/canoe/Topper and use it on the lake?

With pleasure, as long as you look after it rather than us.

Can we bring our bicycles?

It’s a great idea to bring bikes for all the family especially with some of the lovely trails nearby, but we do ask that only under 14’s use them on our site to minimise the impact on all of us, and our flora and fauna.

Shall we bring fishing rods/licences/lifejackets?

Yes please, although we do have a large bunker of lifejackets for those that don’t have them at home.

Consideration for Others

For many of you a holiday with us is focused on the tranquillity of both the tipis and their situation. To ensure this we ask that you come prepared to tread lightly in the landscape; without amplified music, and remain aware of the needs of families with young children for relative quiet after dark.