We had a fantastic time, it was everything we expected and more. The tipis were amazing, the children loved sleeping in them and thought the whole holiday was a great adventure. John the warden was brilliant and nothing seemed too much trouble for him. One of the best bits was lighting the fires at night and watching the night sky – the stars were beautiful with no light pollution. Thank you for a great holiday and we shall certainly do it again

We really enjoyed a few days in Foxgloves during half term. It really is a special place. My daughter looks at the photographs of our visit, sighs, and says ‘Ah …the best days of my life…” thanks for everything

Thanks for a magical tipi holiday. We so much enjoyed the beauty and peace of the quarry – a special place. It was delightful to experience outdoor living surrounded by the abundant trees, wildflowers and birdsong. We loved our tipi – getting back to work is a huge shock!

Despite the poor weather, we all had a lovely two weeks holiday…it makes such a difference to a holiday when the staff are so nice, and I also have to compliment you on the cleanliness of the shower and toilet blocks, as the standard did not fall once. The area of your site is outstanding and has provided us with many treasured memories. Thank you all once again

The tipis were great fun and to have our own little plot with a fire and space to muck about in was fantastic for the kids. They loved getting the water each day and especially liked chopping up wood for the evening fire…we all agreed the lake was the highlight of the trip. It took me right back to my childhood and I was able to recall memories that I had completely forgotten about. It was great to be able to settle down with my 13 & 11 year old at night and have some real heart to heart conversations with them. The tipis seemed to have a really homely and safe feeling to them which I will never forget

We have just arrived back home after our 3 night stay in Overlake tipi. We would both like to thank you for such a lovely magical stay at your site, a really peaceful, beautiful weekend, just what we both needed. We will definitely be back again, I’m hoping for a week or 2 next time

Many, many thanks for such a wonderful second part of our honeymoon - spent in a tipi – we loved it! Thanks so much for the champagne – a lovely, kind touch

eco weddings – green ideas that won’t cost you the earth – at Cornish Tipis at St Kew you can arrange your very own blessing under the trees, or even under canvas if you prefer, at this serene and beautiful site. When the party is over you and your guests can settle down under canvas for a romantic lantern-lit night. If you’re feeling really adventurous, rise with the lark and take a dip in the freshwater lake on site

For a Pocahontas experience of your own, you could follow the example of designer Alice Temperley who spent her wedding night in a specially made tepee, and honeymoon with Cornish Tipi Holidays

Our tipi was huge and swallowed all our bags and kit, with plenty of room left for eating and playing even with the sleeping bags laid out…we sat outside on the table provided to eat our dinner of stir fried veg cooked over the open fire, which tasted so much better than it can over any normal stove…we had a fantastic stay

This is heavenly for children and really quite wonderful for grown ups. Hidden in the middle of the Cornish countryside…you find yourself in this magical tipi world. The tipis are clean and beautifully arranged…with everything supplied it makes travelling much lighter than for the usual camping holiday…the shower and toilet facilities work well and are very clean. Every single one of the children (9 in all) had a fabulous week. Playing in the surrounding woods, gathering wood for the fire and generally running free in a totally safe and large haven. We saw our 6 year old about twice a day – she was off exploring most of the time. The children refuse to even discuss an alternative holiday option

The interior of the tipi is delightful. Arranged around the edges were …baskets with enamel plates and mugs, saucepans, and even a cowboy-style coffee pot. It was all very Little House on the Prairie. I reverted to female stereotype, arranging things in my new home

Camping in Britain has never been my holiday of choice – however my two daughters were keen to experience sleeping under canvas. The tipis rose majestically above the wildflowers in which they were situated… they were so beautiful and romantic-looking as we entered the site that they took my breath away. This was better than Jessica, 13 and Louella, 9 had imagined possible. The floor was layered with Turkish rugs that would not look out of place in a London loft apartment and the hanging lanterns gave a romantic glow as dusk set in…it is the ultimate get-away-from-it-all location

On a summers eve I was seated outside the tipi in the gloaming of our forest clearing, the trout still baking in the fire pit. The murmuring within the tipi was my son rehearsing his sleepy younger sister in the names of the Chosen Ones... and so the litany progressed as the last droplet of liquid sun buried itself in Mother Earth and the stars came out overhead

Tipi sites have sprung up all over the country in recent years but the best is still Cornish Tipi Holidays...

The lake is brilliant, wooded at all sides, flitting with bright dragonflies and seventy foot deep…Baxter, Jackson and Cameron come grinning back up the path with two big rainbow trout in a bucket. It occurs to me – while I’m cooking the fish on the fire and the kids are singing a song down at the old log pile, and the sun is shining and my wife is pouring us a cold beer – that without adversity to sap your spirits you can’t have moments like these to revive them; that to endure the innate punishments of camping is to find reward in the simplest of pleasures. The trout is delicious

There are absolutely no trappings of modern life – its blissful to be away from everything so completely, and also from the more traditional camp sites with their simulations of suburbia. There are no distractions here other than the wildlife and the woodlands, and the tipis create a wonderful back-to-nature vibe that makes sleeping under the stars the most natural thing in the world

We’d wake about eight in the morning. Yes, eight. Fresh air really is the drug that made our early risers sleep beyond their usual five o’clock. We’d have a cooked breakfast – then we’d wash up, en famille. Everything is done en famille at Tipiland and the children love it. Amazing conversations and flights of fancy take place over the washing up bowl as washers, rinsers and wipers stand in line by the picnic table. …by eight in the evening they would be asleep in bed, tired but happy. Then it was our time. Cathy and I would stargaze. Living in a city you forget how mesmerising the night sky can be. Four layers of stars we saw, whole galaxies. And we talked and relaxed deep into the night, well 10.30pm, really. A magnificent time was had by all

As a couple who frequently enjoys wild camping we were very excited for our first trip here and we were not disappointed at all. From start to finish our stay at Cornish Tipi Holidays was an absolute treat. We were greeted upon arrival with not only a warm welcoming but also incredible service. Will suggested a different pitch than what we had originally picked due to the inclement weather they were expecting and we could not have been more grateful. We received our pick of many pitches and although we ended up loving the one we picked, we could have easily been happy anywhere else. Every pitch was kept in excellent shape and had amazing features such as personal fire pits and access to water on site. We spent 4 nights and 5 days here and enjoyed every second. From taking the boats out on the lake to enjoying a nice big fire while staring at the stars above, it really was a wonderful wild camping experience. We also enjoyed the privacy we were given. Help was easily accessible at all times but the staff were very accommodating in letting us have our own space which is always appreciated. The scenery was breathtaking and the location is perfectly placed nearby beautiful towns such as Boscastle and Tintagel which we also spent some of our time in. We loved our stay and definitely plan on returning.

What an amazing place.....we all came back so relaxed it felt like we had had the effects of a spa.
We had lots to keep us all entertained with the lake and woodland to explore.
Our two children loved it and getting away from it all and making up stories together around our camp fire will stay in my memories forever. Thank you.