Cornish Tipi Holidays


What to bring
Bedding* (sleeping bags, pillows & rugs, or sheets, duvets & blankets – it’s up to you)

*We provide the sort of camping mats that you see carried at the bottom of a traveller’s backpack, which are fine for younger children and hardy adults; but like us most of you seem to opt for a bit more comfort, so bring your own airbed (footpump only) or old futon to use as well. If you have a small baby or toddler, travel cots work well in the larger tipis, so do bring one with you.

  • Towels (for tipi & beach, also hand and tea)
  • Groceries
  • Torch(es)
  • Surfboards, wetsuits, lifejackets, floats & swimming aids, fishing gear etc
  • Sunblock, hats, hot weather gear
  • Wellies (especially children’s), wet weather gear
  • Medicines & personal medical kit including treatment for any stings or burns as our warden is not allowed to offer such supplies from our site first aid boxes
  • Books, paints/pens, instruments, toys & games
  • Binoculars & Field Guides for birds,butterflies, flowers etc, telescope for stars at night!
  • Maps of Cornwall & surrounding area
  • Folding chairs if you want individual seats you can move around
  • Additional storage boxes/baskets for your food/belongings if you feel it necessary


Getting there
If your concern for the environment includes miles travelled to your holiday destination, then you’re already streets ahead by holidaying in the UK. It’s worth mentioning that until 1965 we had a regular train to London some 750 yards from our site in the form of the Port Isaac Road – Waterloo service.

In these environmentally conscious days some 40 years later, our nearest station is 18 miles away, at Bodmin Parkway, on the Paddington – Penzance line, it’s a nice little station but not quite as convenient ! Should you be happy to fly, our nearest airport is a similar distance at Newquay, with flights out of Stansted and now Gatwick. Buses are sadly in short supply, but we are happy to help with any information that we can to assist you with coach travel, and can suggest various local taxi firms with vehicle sizes to suit.

A car remains the best way to enjoy the surrounding area and you can always rent one on arrival if you would rather avoid the drive down. Bicycles are great for exploring but only practical for the truly committed as a sole means of transport. If you are part of a group or larger family booking we encourage you to car pool as much as possible, both for the sake of the environment and our own site where parking is limited
See cars, bikes below.

We have a full time Warden living on site who is on hand to help you throughout your stay. We also have an assistant warden and various staff working daily who are always ready to assist or answer any questions you may have. The general public aren’t allowed onto our site, so the only people you see will be tipi campers or our staff. With the nearest village a couple of miles away, the site is in the heart of the countryside and very secure.

Having said that, a tipi is not a lockable unit, and although we are proud we have never had a problem, we would advise you not to leave precious objects or valuables unattended inside.

Our aim is to keep use of vehicles to the absolute minimum. We ask that you walk throughout the site, except for unloading and loading at your tipi on arrival and departure, and park your car in the parking areas provided. The main area is directly opposite the warden’s cottage and the overflow car park a little further away, but both areas are firmly on our property and away from the road.

In a place with few rules this is the one we ask you most strongly to respect. If you cannot bear to be parted from your car this may not be the holiday for you. We also request an absolute maximum of two cars per large tipi booking and need advance information of make, registration number etc.

We encourage you to bring your bikes on holiday but ask that only under 14’s use them on our site to minimise the impact on all of us, and our flora and fauna.

Visitors/additional tents
If you have friends or family in the area they are welcome to visit you in the daytime but an overnight stay incurs additional charges as per our booking conditions. The only sort of tent that we allow next to a tipi is a baby sun shelter or younger children’s play tent. We do not allow extra tents for storage, teenagers, nannies, visitors etc – if you need more space by all means book an extra tipi!

Pets, even small very well behaved ones are not allowed on our site, and anyone arriving with a dog will be asked to remove it immediately. We can recommend our local kennels who will B&B your pet for you – details on request.

Consideration for others
For many of you a holiday with us is focussed on the tranquillity of both the tipis and their situation. To ensure this we ask that you come prepared to tread lightly in the landscape; without amplified music, and remain aware of the needs of families with young children for relative quiet after dark.